Bibliography. Current state and future trends.

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Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1969.
2nd printing.
Originalleinen mit Schutzumschlag. VII, 611 S.
ISBN-10: 025272514X
ISBN-13: 9780252725142
Umschlag berieben, sonst gutes Exemplar. - Bibliography (General) BICHARD H SHOEMAKER -- The Paperback Book SIDNEY FORMAN AND RUBY L COLLINS -- National Bibliography ROGER C GREER -- Government Publications JAMES B CHILDS -- Periodicals WILLIAM H HUFF -- Newspapers: Directors, Indexes and Union Lists CHARLES G LA HOOD, JR -- Manuscripts and Archives FRANK G BURKE -- Incunabula and Sixteenth Century Imprints FREDERICK R GOFF -- Philosophy and Religion CHARLES HARVEY ARNOLD -- Architecture and the Fine Arts JAMES HUMPHRY III -- Music Literature, Music, and Sound Recordings VINCENT DUCKLES -- English Literature ALEX PREMINGER -- American Literary Bibliography in the Twentieth Century JOHN T FLANAGAN -- Continental European Literature LAWRENCE S THOMPSON -- Latin American Books and Periodicals NETTIE LEE BENSON -- Economics EDWIN T COMAN, JR -- Anglo-American Law MILES O PRICE -- Political Science CLIFTON BROCK -- Education SIDNEY FORMAN AND RUBY L COLLINS -- Psychology ROBERT S DANIEL -- Anthropology REXFORD S BECKHAM -- Geography NORDIS FELLAND -- Cartography ROMAN DRAZNIOWSKY -- American History GERALD D MC DONALD -- East European History LAURENCE H. MILLER -- Far Eastern History ERNST WOLFF -- History and Culture of Southern Asia CECIL HOBBS -- The History of Science JOHN NEU -- General Science JOSEPH C. SHIPMAN -- Geology H. E. HAWKES -- Biology LYLE E. BAMBER -- Chemistry M. G. MELLON AND RUTH T. POWER -- Physics PAULINE ATHERTON -- Mathematical Literature A. J. LOHWATER -- Engineering RALPH H. PHELPS -- Agriculture J. RICHARD BLANCHARD -- Medicine ESTELLE BRODMAN AND MIWA OHTA. ISBN 025272514x
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