Mediterranean Vernacular. A Vanishing Architectural Tradition.

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London: Anness, 1991.
Fadengehefteter Originalpappband mit Schutzumschlag. 192 S.
ISBN-10: 1852381841
ISBN-13: 9781852381844
Umschlag leicht berieben, sonst gutes Exemplar. - Inhalt: THE WHITE VILLAGES -- Introduction -- SOUTHERN SPAIN AND IBIZA -- MOROCCO -- TUNISIA -- ITAUY -- GREECE -- ELEMENTS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN VERNACULAR -- Siting -- Contours -- Changing levels and steps -- Narrow streets -- Enclosed streets -- Decoration -- Light -- THE INFLUENCE OF THE VERNACULAR by Neil Parkyn -- The vernacular denned -- The architect and the vernacular -- Influences: the living tradition -- A future for the vernacular. - Mediterranean Vernacular is a survey of the spectacular thematic building tradition that for centuries has developed around the coast of the Mediterranean basin. Set apart from the tyranny of a grand architectural vision, towns and villages in Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Italy and Spain have grown organically to meet and reflect the particular needs of their communities and environment. The result is a startlingly simple, harmonious architectural system that is both functional and aesthetically rich. Viacheslav Atroshenko carefully records this tradition in magnificent photographs - the first systematic visual documentation to be published of the architectural ingenuity and simple virtue of the Mediterranean's whitewashed villages. This stunning descriptive tour throughout the Mediterranean allows comparison between the origins, occurrence and interpretation of the vernacular tradition in the individual countries. In his essay "The Influence of the Vernacular", architect Neil Parkyn defines the form, traces the history and regional evolution, analyzes the component elements and their function, and discusses the influences (both successes and failures) of the vernacular in Modernist and contemporary architecture. Inspired by elements from the region, Modernist architects such as Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn first recognized the unplanned genius of the vernacular and began to assimilate its beautifully functional style into their own projects. Neil Parkyn records the Modernists' 'discovery' of Mediterranean vernacular and appraises the style's influence on current architecture. In one of the most important works on vernacular architecture since Bernard Rudofsky's Architecture Without Architects (Museum of Modern Art, New York: 1964), which is, in many ways, the inspiration for this book, Viacheslav Atroshenko and Milton Grundy have created a timely and extraordinary record of a tradition threatened by encroaching tourism and changing social and architectural values. Their documentation of the work of the anonymous builders, who for centuries have created these spectacular environments, is designed to preserve the memory of an already disappearing form, and to keep alive the principles of simplicity, community, and environmental empathy in modern architectural thinking. (Klappentext). ISBN 9781852381844
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