The four Dimensions of Avery Brundage.
Transl. from the German by Joan Becker.

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Edition Leipzig, 1968.
Originalleinen mit Schutzumschlag. 194 S. mit zahlr. Abb. auf Tafelseiten.
Gutes Ex., Archivex. Edition Leipzig, mit Stempel auf Vorsatz. - The author of this sketch has had many opportunities of meeting Avery Brundage and talking with him about sport, work and art. He does not claim to present a complete picture of the man, but he has tried to find an answer to the question often asked as to how Avery Brundage has been able to combine in his own person such widely different characteristics and interests. First there is Avery Brundage the active sportsman who, starting at the bottom, achieved remarkable successes in a very short time and ended as All-Around Champion of the United States, a title which he held for several years. Then there is Avery Brundage the sports leader who, after retiring from participation, climbed the administrative ladder rung by rung, held top functions in United States sport, attracted international attention, and finally, in 1952, was elected to the highest position in the world of amateur sport-that of President of the International Olympic Committee. And then again there is Avery Brundage the energetic and successful construction engineer who, as a practical and inventive lad, made his own sports equipment and, later on, built huge steel and concrete structures and helped to determine the architectural appearance of the great city of Chicago. Here he emerges not only as a man who made his youthful dreams come true but also as a man who has always been true to his own maxim: "Never say die!", who refused to accept defeat in the international economic crisis of 1929 and led his apparently bankrupt business to new successes. And finally there is Avery Brundage the art-lover and collector who, with admirable perseverance and consistency, has gathered together treasures of Asian art of a quality hardly to be found anywhere else and, at the height of his career, presented these treasures to the city of San Francisco and thus to the general public. (S. 5)
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