Enlightenment. Discovering the world in the eighteenth century.

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London : The British Museum Press, 2010.
Mit zahlr. farb. Abb. Originalbroschur. 304 S.
Einband leicht berieben. - THE'UNIVERSAL MUSEUM' 'Aimed at universality and belonging to the nation': the Enlightenment and the British Museum Kim Sloan -- Collectors and commemoration: portrait sculpture and paintings in the British Museum Aileen Dawson -- 'Most curious, splendid and useful': the King's Library of George III Graham Jefcoate -- The King's Library and its architectural genesis Tim Knox -- Ancient glory and modern learning: the sculpture-decorated library Thorsten Opper -- THE NATURAL WORLD 68 Challenging the dogma: classifying and describing the natural world Robert Huxley -- Natural history collectors and their collections: 'simpling macaronis' and instruments of empire Robert Huxley -- The nature of the earth and the fossil debate Jill Cook -- Rocks, fossils and the emergence of palaeontology Jill Cook -- THE ARTIFICIAL WORLD 106The ordering of the artificial world: collecting, classification and progress Luke Syson -- 'The King loves medals': the study of coins in Europe and Britain Andrew Burnett -- Engraved gems: the lost art of antiquity Judy Rudoe -- Words and pictures: Greek vases and their classification Lucilia Burn -- Between antiquarianism and experiment: Hans Sloane, George III and collecting science Silke Ackermann and Jane Wess -- King George III's topographical collection: a Georgian view of Britain and the world Peter Barber -- ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS: NEW INTERPRETATIONS Ideas of antiquity: classical and other ancient civilizations in the age of Enlightenment Ian Jenkins -- The discovery of British antiquity Jill Cook -- From Persepolis to Babylon and Nineveh: the rediscovery of the ancient Near East St John Simpson -- 'The curse of Babel': the Enlightenment and the study of writing Clive Cheesman -- Sacred history? The difficult subject of religion Jonathan Williams -- VOYAGES OF DISCOVERY to the exterior Brian Durrans -- Romancing the Americas: public expeditions and private research c. 1778-1827 J. C. H. King -- Irresistible objects: collecting in the Pacific and Australia in the reign of George III Jennifer Newell -- Trade and learning: the European 'discovery' of the East Joe Cribb, Jessica Harrison-Hall and Tim Clark -- Africa: in the shadow of the Enlightenment Nigel Barley.
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