Art and the Empire City. New York, 1825-1861.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art; NY / Yale Univ. Press, 2000.
Originalleinen mit Schutzumschlag. XVI; 636 S.; sehr zahlreiche Abbildungen; 4°.
ISBN-10: 0870999575
ISBN-13: 9780870999574
Sehr gutes Exemplar. - Hardcover. - Englisch. // 642 Illustrationen (davon 412 in Farbe) // INHALT : Sponsor's Statement - Terrence Murray, Fleet Boston Financial - Director's Foreword Philippe de Montebello - Lenders to the Exhibition - Preface and Acknowledgments - John K. Howat, Catherine Hoover Voonanger - Contributors to the Catalogue Note to the Reader - ESSAYS - Inventing the Metropolis: Civilization and Urbanity in Antebellum New York Dell Upon - Mapping the Venues: New York City Art Exhibitions Carrie Reborn Barratt - Appendix A, Exhibition Venues Appendix B, Exhibitions and Auctions - Private Collectors and Public Spirit: A Selective View John K. Howat - Selling the Sublime and the Beautiful: New York Landscape Painting and Tourism Kevin J. Avery - Modeling a Reputation: The American Sculptor and New York City Thayer Tottes - Building the Empire City: Architects and Architecture Morrison H. Heckscher - The Currency of Culture: Prints in New York City Elliot Bostwick Davis - "A Palace for the Sun": Early Photography in New York City Jeff L. Rosenheim - "Ahead of the World": New York City Fashion Caroline Rennolds Milbank - The Products of Empire: Shopping for Home Decorations in New York City Amelia Peek - "Gorgeous Articles of Furniture": Cabinetmaking in the Empire City Catherine Hoover Voorsanger - Empire City Entrepreneurs: Ceramics and Glass in New York City Alice Cooney Erelinghuysen - "Silver Ware in Great Perfection": The Precious-Metals Trades in New York City Deborah Dependahl Waters - WORKS IN THE EXHIBITION - Checklist of the Exhibition - Bibliography. // EDITED BY CATHERINE HOOVER VOORSANGER AND JOHN K. HOWAT - In 1825 the Erie Canal, connecting the Atlantic with the American heartland via the Great Lakes, was completed, and in 1861 the Civil War, disrupting American unity, began. This volume examines the exhilarating period between these two far-reaching events. The Erie Canal turned the port of New York into the gateway to the United States, ushering in a time of enormous growth and change for the city of New York. Still very much a work in progress, New York became both an international economic and cultural center: it was transformed into what contemporary observers variously termed the Empire City, the Great Emporium, and the Empress City of the West. The cultural component of this transformation was as significant as its economic aspect. Highly skilled artists and craftsmen working in New York, both native born and immigrant, grew in number, and institutions devoted to the arts emerged and flourished. With Broadway at its heart, the Great Emporium developed into the nation's major manufacturing and retailing center, the depot for luxury goods made in and around the city and imported from Europe. The complex story of the proliferation of the arts in New York and the evolution of an increasingly discerning audience for those arts during the antebellum period is the focus of this book, which accompanies a major exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In essays that will interest scholars as well as a more general audience, specialists from the Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of the City of New York, and the University of California at Berkeley bring new research and insights to bear on a broad range of subjects. (Verlagstext) ISBN 0870999575
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