Abroad. British Literary Traveling between the Wars.

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NY, Oxford; Oxford Univ. Press, 1980.
Originalleinen mit Schutzumschlag. VIII; 246 S.; Abb.
ISBN-10: 0195027671
ISBN-13: 9780195027679
Sehr gutes Ex.; (Umschl. minimal berieben). - Frozen Oranges -- Nowhere to Go -- I Hate It Here -- The Passport Nuisance -- All These Frontiers From Exploration to Travel to Tourism -- The Travel Atmosphere -- Graham Greene's Parallel Journey -- One of the Cheapest Ways of Living -- The Englishness of It All Sancte Roberte, Ora pro Nobis -- L'Amour de Voyage -- See It with Someone You Like -- Norman Douglas's Temporary Attachments -- That Splendid Enclosure -- The New Heliophily -- The Places of D. H. Lawrence -- Little Pots of Excrement for Sale -- Evelyn Waugh's Moral Entertainments -- Travel Books as Literary Phenomena -- The End. // Paul Fussell follows his award-winning The Great War and Modern Memory with Abroad, a literary and cultural study of the period between the wars. Distinguishing between yesterday's "travel" and today's "tourism"-roughly comparable to the difference between the He de France and a Boeing 747- Fussell contends that genuine travel is a lost art, but one which Abroad allows us to experience vicariously. His book is both an elegy for this art and a celebration of British writers who, in their travel books, memorialized the last age of genuine travel, the period between the two world wars: D.H. Lawrence, Graham Greene, Norman Douglas, Evelyn Waugh, and Robert Byron. Great ships and trains, adventures in exotic places-these are the themes of Abroad, and Fussell offers an invariably entertaining account of their significance. Combining perspectives from biography and geography with literary and mythic criticism, and dealing with everything from passports to sun worship, Fussell illuminates travel's influence on the perception of one's language; travel as a critique of liberalism and industrialism; the search for sexual freedom; travel and money, politics, and class; and in a larger sense, the shaping of the modern sensibility. (Klappentext) ISBN 0195027671
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