In an uncertain world. Tough choices from Wall Street to Washington.

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New York : Random House, 2004.
Originalbroschur. XIII, 427 S.
ISBN-10: 0375757309
ISBN-13: 9780375757303
Einband leicht berieben. - As Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton, Robert E. Jlubin served as one of the stewards of the longest economic expansion in United States history. From Rubin's early years on Wall Street to the White House and Treasury Department, In an Uncertain World provides an inside look at the highest levels of finance and government. Rubin takes readers behind the scenes in times of crisis and offers keen analysis of some of the most important events in recent history-financial turmoil in Mexico, Asia, and Russia; the first-ever federal government shutdown; the rise and fall of the stock market; and the ongoing debate over fiscal policy. Here Rubin shares his personal and professional recollections of President Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Newt Gingrich, among others. He outlines his unique decision-making philosophy and presents a clear, consistent approach to thinking about markets and dealing with the risks of the global economy. In an Uncertain World is an in-depth examination of Washington and Wall Street by a figure who has been at the center of both worlds for three decades. ISBN 9780375757303
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